@Boogie sent a request knowing I am not of sound mind at the moment
  1. I started as a part-time receptionist and now I'm in charge with the thought that I can actually make a positive difference. I know now that was incredibly naive.
  2. More and more I'm confronted with how little I can actually do. My company is great, my frustration comes with the government, funding, and how we're expected to be a catch-all for everyone over 21.
  3. I've been thinking of a career change. A lot.
  4. This list isn't going where I think @Boogie wanted.
  5. Truth is that it's very hard to think of why I stay. I know if someone else was in my role things would be different. I actually care about my staff. I know about their lives, the good and the bad. I genuinely want to make the workplace better for them. I obviously cannot do this on my own and feel like a failure that I haven't.
  6. I can only make things marginally better for our residents. We're so limited on what we can do that I have to take the little wins whenever they happen.
  7. I love that I'm able to do something that makes a difference in people's lives. I cannot do any more than that and that's my frustration. I don't suppose I will ever find a career that I'm able to help people more than I can now, but even still, it isn't enough.
  8. I went to bed at 4am, was woken up at 630 because we don't have a cook. If I do change careers I can now say I have a whole new skill set, which is really just using a commercial dishwasher and feeding 60 people. It might look good on my resume.