Inspired by @jhope71 and based on things I've said that I wanted when I was tired of life. (Updating to credit @BWN_7 for starting this - sorry this isn't a serious list. I can barely think of one month beyond now)
  1. A Reverse Russian Mail Order Bride
    You know, where someone from Russia wants a wife from North America. I'm sure there is an untapped market for this. My best friend says no. I think she's jealous that she has not thought of this.
  2. A Farmhand who works on her own schedule
    None of this adhering to the sun and the animals. People who actually have worked and live on farms thinks I'm being a priss. I'll show them. Eventually.
  3. Working at a magazine as a Maze reviewer
    Again, another untapped market, folks. I would so read the shit out of my column.
  4. Screaming at teenagers.
    Niece and nephews will be teenagers so this will likely happen.
  5. Harbouring teenagers.
    See above.
  6. Seeing Radiohead on their reunion tour.
    They better play a venue that has comfortable seats
  7. Writing fan mail to Bryan Fuller commiserating on his latest endeavour being unfairly cancelled
    Just a little bit of history repeating.
  8. Vacationing on the moon, drinking moonshine and wearing Yeezy Moon Shoes with Soleil Moon Frye