1. I've arrived earlier than necessary for my flight on purpose. I'm an introvert that hasn't had any alone time in over a week. The hours of solitude before the flight is much needed.
  2. I haven't flown into the States in a long time. My identity was questioned so much that I almost started thinking that maybe I'm not who I am.* You want more identification? My Canadian citizenship?
    *Slight exaggeration but only slight. And this was the first time I wasn't randomly selected, I was started to think maybe I don't have to get into that weird machine thing.
  3. Fish tacos for breakfast is always a good idea.
  4. I always overpack in the reading material selection and underpack with clothing.
  5. I ran into a colleague from yesteryear. Because everyone in Canada knows each other.
    So much for silence.
  6. Taking selfies is hard.
    How do people do this?
  7. There is a father and son on the flight talking about baseball. I want to make friends with them but also don't want to encroach on what could be a memorable baseball trip for them that the father might recall in his speech at his son's wedding. Maybe we'll see each other at the game. Because everyone in Canada knows each other.