Let's start this week on a positive note and celebrate our feminine power by celebrating others and thinking of those who inspire us!!
  1. Oprah
    No explanation needed
  2. Ava DuVernay
    Amazing and hard working human
  3. One of our fave funny women/writers super human!
  4. Another fave funny woman/writer super human!
  5. Joanna Gaines
    Interior Designer
  6. Ambrosia Marlbrough
  7. Drew Barrymore
    Kick ass actress/producer. Amazing mama, beautiful energy exuder!
  8. Tracee Ellis Ross
  9. Mayte Garcia
    Sexy mama! And helps beautiful animals find forever homes!
  10. Kimora Lee Simmons
    Amazing business woman
  11. Solange
    Beautiful spirit, amazing music maker, sultry vibes giver, coolest mama, pattern wearer