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As a Midwesterner who has chosen to live in the South, I'm often in love with their way of life and pride of place. But their relationship with the Civil War is, indeed, often different than mine and I thought this book might help explain why.
  1. I bought it at my favorite used book store and then was immediately scared to tell my Southern friends.
    It was published in the 90's but I have this gut instinct that it wasn't received well here in the South, much like the folks in Borat didn't like the way they were perceived in the film. Is this my own prejudice coming through? You betcha!
  2. I was instantly hooked and even began highlighting statements that I liked or that I wanted to remember for later.
  3. For instance: "The South is a place. East, west, and North are nothing but directions." -Letter to the editor, Richmond Times - Dispatch 1995
    This is the South I love. Head held high, manners on display, sweet tea on the porch.
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Old fashioned may be too strong of a term but these things seem to be going the way of the dodo as they say, but they still bring a smile to my face.
  1. Going to the post office
    I live 800 miles away from my closest family member so I mail a lot of packages, which I love to do, because who doesn't love real mail? And I like going to the post off for that face to face interaction and people watching experience. But never on a Monday morning, because I'm not crazy.
  2. Putting a letter in my mailbox and putting the flag up.
    How beautifully simple is this exchange? Hasn't changed in decades. No passwords necessary.
  3. Mailing postcards.
    There seems to be a bit of a theme here but I buy my postcard stamps before I leave for my trip so that I can send postcards out no matter how long I'm out of town. I've even sent postcards out from my hometown to my husband on the day I left, saying how much I'd miss him, so he'd get it the first day I was gone.
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Long time watcher, NOT first time buyer.
  1. CitiKitty (train your cat to use the toilet)
    We spent a good deal of one summer trying to make this work because I haaaaaaaaate kitty litter. Our cat would use it right up until the phase when you removed the last "ring" and he just supported himself on the toilet seat. We finally had to let go of the dream. And yes, family and friends mocked us heavily for this and demanded pictures.
  2. Scrub Daddy
    Absolutely worth it! I moved into an apartment with no dishwasher a year ago and I am now on my second Scrub Daddy.
  3. SworkIt
    And just this last week I was convinced to download this workout app. Have I used it? No. Do I plan to? Yes.
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  1. Walking in to any party
  2. Having any sort of tech problem
    This was always my ex-husband's dance space so when we split up, I became aware of how little I knew about my laptop, phone, etc.
  3. Asking for favors
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Good thing I have therapy this morning.
  1. When your mother dies, it's something you never get over.
  2. When I'm in pain, I still want to call out to her.
  3. I still do. In my mind, I'll say, "Mom" repeatedly.
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I've been meditating for four years. I find it very helpful in my day to day and year to year life. However, I want to be clear that this is my experience and is in no way meant to be instructional.
  1. As a New Kadampa Buddhist, my meditation training has consisted of focusing on a virtuous object.
    This means I don't try to "empty my mind" but instead bring my mind to a particular focus such as compassion, love, karma, the importance of human life, etc.
  2. When I first sit to do my formal meditation, I will concentrate on my breathing for a moment or two to help calm my mind.
    The mind always wanders, that's why we meditate. If I learn to tame my mind during meditation, it becomes easier to tame it outside of meditation. So as I start to concentrate on my breath, if my mind wanders, I simply bring it back to my breath. I do my formal meditation practice in front of my shrine.
  3. Then I will do my prayers in preparation for the meditation.
    The prayers ask for blessings and also help to bring my thoughts inward.
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Who needs Pinterest anyway?
  1. The Green Smoothie The Green Smoothie Formula
    Thank you @gabimoskowitz I've made this twice, both times with banana and peanut butter and it's delicious. I've used baby kale and it saves me some pre-chopping.
  2. Spiced Honey Pumpkin Seeds Spiced Honey Pumpkin Seeds
    Thanks again @gabimoskowitz! I had a bit of trouble with these. They were delicious but stuck together once they were in the bowl to serve. Maybe I didn't allow them enough time in the freezer? I'd definitely try again.
  3. Congo Bars
    There isn't a list of these but I found out about them thanks to @eatthelove via this app! Great blondie-type cookie bars. http://www.eatthelove.com/2014/11/congo-bars-recipe/
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  4. Roast Chicken Legs
    Best-ever Roast Chicken Legs by @gabimoskowitz they were really good, cheap, and easy!
    Suggested by   @avery
This was requested by @boygirlparty so thanks! I finally decided I had to stop listed and just publish already.
  1. Gilmore Girls
    I stumbled across a marathon on ABC Family and was hooked. I'm a Lorelei, not a Rory. I'm team Dean and never fell for Logan's charm. I'll geek out with anyone who spots my custom made Luke's Diner tote. GG is my comfort TV, it always makes everything better. Available on Netflix. Or I can recite each episode for you for a small fee.
  2. The Vicar of Dibley
    This is a British show starring Dawn French. She's half of the comedy team that brought you Ab Fab. This show is just as funny but with a much sweeter tone. It was up for best British comedy of all time so I feel like my choice here is pretty solid. Available on Netflix.
  3. Survivor
    This social experiment never fails to entertain me. Even though the same thing happens each season: the cool kids hang out together, the old people aren't given enough credit and there's at least one pretty woman who admits to relying on her looks to get ahead, the producers do a great job of throwing in some twists to liven it up.
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Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. It's always about a boy.
  2. When I had my first boyfriend I would tell my parents I was going to Saturday evening Mass, then to his house.
  3. But I would just go to the church and pick up a bulletin (physical evidence I'd been there) and leave and go straight to his house.
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