Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I get up at 6:30 even though I don't have to be to work until 10:30.
    I've always been a morning person and I like having time to get things done in to morning before work.
  2. Coffee!
    With "shame sugar". I put A LOT of sugar in my coffee. Years ago when I was working in a bank, some of us would take our break and walk down to the coffee shop to get a coffee. I was too embarrassed to put as much sugar as I wanted on the coffee there so I'd add more when we got back to the bank and this baca me known as my "shame sugar".
  3. I get to work at 10:00, which is a half hour early to sweep out the bus and wash the windows.
  4. I get to the Visitors Center and park my bus with the other buses waiting to go out on tour.
    I take a few minutes to check The List App, FB, and texts and respond accordingly. Plus there's time to chat with the other guides and get a feel for if we're going to be busy or not.
  5. Then down to the coffee shop for (you guessed it) coffee!
    The owner and staff know me, which I like, and it's a local place, which I also like. My regular order is an iced coffee with a little cream because it's usually too hot by then for hot coffee. I add my shame sugar myself.
  6. By 11:00 I'm greeting guests on the bus and trying to make small talk.
    "No, Gone With the Wind took place in Georgia. Rhett was just FROM Charleston." "Yes, I'm sure."
  7. I leave on my first 90 minute historic tour of Charleston at 11:15. I repeat this process at 2:00 and 4:00.
    I truly love my job although working with the public has it's challenges, as we all know. Giving tours has it's own special set. There's the know-it-all who constantly interrupts to show how much he knows about the subject at hand. There's the I'm-too-important-to-be-here who's constantly texting,etc which throws off the vibe of the whole bus. And the toddler. If your kid can't sit through church service, don't bring him on the tour.
  8. After the last tour I park the bus at a storage facility where we rent a parking space and drive 10 minutes home.
  9. I make myself a gluten free supper.
  10. It's quite possible I won't get off the couch the rest of the night.
    I have a serious relationship with my TiVo.
  11. I start getting ready for bed at 9:00 by turning off the TV, taking my meds (most are migraine prevention), setting the alarm, and turning back the covers on the bed.
  12. Then I read on the couch until 10:00.
  13. At which time I turn on a well loved series that I can listen to as I fall asleep and go to bed.
    The series has to meet the criteria of being good so I like it but not too funny so that I can't drift off. Usually they're British. I can get hooked on a show and go to sleep to it for months at a time (thank you Netflix). Current favorites are The Vicar of Dibley and Last Tango in Halifax.