I love books and which avid reader hasn't dreamed of escaping into one of their favorites for many reasons?
  1. Night Circus
    The food alone in the book is enough to make me want to crawl in and get lost but I am also drawn to the sense of magic and beauty.
  2. At Home In Mitford (or any of the Mitford series)
    I love the idea of a town where you can walk anywhere you need to go and that all of your shopping needs can also be met in that same small town. Peaceful, not boring.
  3. Mr. Penubra's 24 Hour Bookstore
    I find that often the best books are about books, bookstores or book readers. The mystery within this one has made it one of my favorites.
  4. South of Broad
    As a transplant from Indiana to Charleston, I'd love a chance to get behind the scenes of the most exclusive neighborhood in our city.
  5. Breakfast With Buddha
    The ultimate road trip! To be able to travel across the country while getting spiritual wisdom along the way? I'm in!
  6. 84 Charing Cross Road
    Yet another book about books. But also about friendship and letter writing. If I were to be living in this book, I'd want to be on the New York end. P.S. This has also been made into a charming movie.