This is in no way meant to be a teaching or full explanation of this meditation. It is simply what I do in times of crisis.
  1. I have a dear friend who is taking her sister off of life support today.
  2. I did not know her sister but I know she has been struggling with addiction for years and I know my friend has done her very best by her.
  3. And my heart is breaking for my friend and her family and what they are now faced with.
  4. So I turn to the Buddhist meditation of taking and giving.
  5. After settling into my meditation posture, I picture my friend. As I breathe in, I envision taking my friend's pain into my heart area in the form of black smoke. I do this time and time again. Physically taking on her pain and suffering.
  6. And then I imagine her pain dissolving at my heart. It causes me no pain.
  7. And then I imagine giving her love as I breathe out. Over and over again. It costs me nothing to give this love. In fact, it does me great benefit.
  8. At the end of the meditation, I dedicate the karma I've accumulated to the peace of mind of my friend and her family as they face this difficult time.
  9. This meditation always makes me feel better, as I'm sure certain prayers do for Christians. Some Buddhists say they are scared to take on the suffering of others but it has always felt natural to me.
  10. I rise from the meditation with peace of mind and when I have peace of mind, I can be much more helpful to my friend.