I'm a tour guide in Charleston, SC. I love my job but must admit that I frequently daydream about taking celebrities on my 90 minute historical tour.
  1. Oprah
    I know she's been here numerous times but I've never heard reports of her taking a formal tour. I would hope she'd bring Gayle as a bit of a buffer but I'd still be a complete babbling idiot upon meeting the Queen Of All That Is.
  2. Mindy Kaling @mindy
    So funny! And I owe her a debt of gratitude. It's hot and sweaty on the bus in the summer. Thanks to an interview with Mindy I read a couple of years ago, I switched to Old Spice men's deodorant and everything is handled a lot better now. TMI? Perhaps. But I always give her the credit for my freshness.
  3. Anyone from the cast of The Big Bang Theory
    When I explain the 8 flags on my bus, including the Confederate Battle Flag, I first reference Fun With Flags with Sheldon. Usually at least half of the people on the bus recognize the reference and it lightens the mood.
  4. RuPaul
    I love RuPaul's sense of humor and caring nature so I'm a big fan. Also, I know he loves to play games so I'd want to invite him over for game night after the tour.
  5. Prince
    My lifelong crush would possibly render me mute. If I could push past it, I picture His Highness being silent throughout the tour, taking it all in with his small smile and a quiet thank you when it was all over. At that point I flop over my steering wheel, hyperventilate, call my older brother who I think would be the person most impressed and take the rest of the day off. Because, come on.