Good thing I have therapy this morning.
  1. When your mother dies, it's something you never get over.
  2. When I'm in pain, I still want to call out to her.
  3. I still do. In my mind, I'll say, "Mom" repeatedly.
  4. And this morning when I opened a newly published book authored by her best friend that was dedicated to my mom, I lost it.
  5. I knew about the dedication, her friend had sent me the text months ago. But I still lost it.
  6. Staying connected to her friend has been nice. Their friendship while I was growing up taught me what kind of friendships I wanted to have as an adult woman.
  7. We don't always agree on everything, just like her and Mom.
  8. But when she tells me she loves me and calls me Tiffy, it's special.
  9. This wouldn't normally be the type of book I'd read but I will, for her.
  10. For Mom.