This was requested by @boygirlparty so thanks! I finally decided I had to stop listed and just publish already.
  1. Gilmore Girls
    I stumbled across a marathon on ABC Family and was hooked. I'm a Lorelei, not a Rory. I'm team Dean and never fell for Logan's charm. I'll geek out with anyone who spots my custom made Luke's Diner tote. GG is my comfort TV, it always makes everything better. Available on Netflix. Or I can recite each episode for you for a small fee.
  2. The Vicar of Dibley
    This is a British show starring Dawn French. She's half of the comedy team that brought you Ab Fab. This show is just as funny but with a much sweeter tone. It was up for best British comedy of all time so I feel like my choice here is pretty solid. Available on Netflix.
  3. Survivor
    This social experiment never fails to entertain me. Even though the same thing happens each season: the cool kids hang out together, the old people aren't given enough credit and there's at least one pretty woman who admits to relying on her looks to get ahead, the producers do a great job of throwing in some twists to liven it up.
  4. Dexter
    Duh! This is one of those shows that I wish I had to discover all over again. Available on Netflix.
  5. RuPaul's Drag Race
    Due to the fact I haven't had cable for most of my recent life, I'm a late comer to this show but I binge watched most of the seasons after my last break-up and became a Ru devotee. His sense of humor is fabulous and the glamour and heart of the contestants cannot be beat. Available on Hulu. *All this contour make-up trend is nothing but a huge drag rip-off. #beatyourface
  6. Orphan Black
    Sestra's unite! Twisty-turny clone driven plots with just the right amount of gun toting soccer mom humor thrown in for fun. Past season available on Amazon, current seasons air on BBC America.
  7. MasterChef Junior
    Proof positive of reincarnation. How else do you explain the exceptional cooking skills of an 8 year old if they didn't bring them from a former life? I love watching Gordon Ramsey's softer side as he coaches the young cooks yet these kids are not coddled in the competition. And the kids are so supportive of each other! Airs on Fox.