Old fashioned may be too strong of a term but these things seem to be going the way of the dodo as they say, but they still bring a smile to my face.
  1. Going to the post office
    I live 800 miles away from my closest family member so I mail a lot of packages, which I love to do, because who doesn't love real mail? And I like going to the post off for that face to face interaction and people watching experience. But never on a Monday morning, because I'm not crazy.
  2. Putting a letter in my mailbox and putting the flag up.
    How beautifully simple is this exchange? Hasn't changed in decades. No passwords necessary.
  3. Mailing postcards.
    There seems to be a bit of a theme here but I buy my postcard stamps before I leave for my trip so that I can send postcards out no matter how long I'm out of town. I've even sent postcards out from my hometown to my husband on the day I left, saying how much I'd miss him, so he'd get it the first day I was gone.
  4. Play board games
    Thanks to my parents, my whole family loves a good game around the kitchen table and is perhaps slightly too competitive when it comes to a friendly game of Bananagrams, Scattegorries, or Win, Lose or Draw. And a family cars game known as Peanuts has been known to draw blood. But my card was there first!
  5. Drive instead of fly
    I don't know if this counts but when I visit my family and choose to drive the 14 hours on my own, most people think I'm crazy. But I love that alone time with a book on CD and just my thoughts to keep me company. And it's great decompression time after the visit with no security checks or chance of delays.
  6. Go for a bike ride I refuse to wear a helmet though
    Suggested by   @k8zinker
  7. This is how we spend Sunday night
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  8. Hand-written thank you notes.
    As meaningful for me to take a moment to genuinely express gratitude for someone's thoughtfulness as it is to the recipient. I also like to send people in my life "fan mail" from time to time just to tell them how awesome they are.
    Suggested by   @readjulia
  9. Listening to CDs in the car
    This is probably not that old-fashioned, but I prefer to buy physical copies of albums as opposed to digital ones and play them in the car rather than plugging in an aux cord and listening to them on my phone.
    Suggested by   @shreyasaurus