I, a Buddhist, am attending an event tomorrow at a mosque. Here are some feelings I'm feeling.
  1. So happy that they are offering an opportunity for people in our/their community to come and educate themselves.
    This is in direct response to the shootings in San Bernardino and the anti-Muslim rhetoric that has followed.
  2. Anxious that it will create a divide between friends of mine and myself.
    I have friends who I care for very much but we see differently when it comes to the issue of the threat Muslims bring to Christians and Americans.
  3. Honestly afraid of the chance of violence.
    We live in Charleston, SC. And while I do not lump the South in together as one big gun toting consecutive redneck, Charleston is a conservative area. As word gets out about this open house, I would hope it does not draw the wrong kind of attention.
  4. I feel I have no choice but to attend.
    No matter what I may learn about the world religion of Islam, I have to show up so that my Muslim neighbors know there are those of us in the community who support them.
  5. I wish I had someone to go with me.
    I don't do well in groups on my own but if I have to fly solo, I will. On the other hand, if I don't have to worry about someone else's comfort level, that might be better too
  6. Glad for the chance to feel like I'm doing SOMETHING.
    I have been feeling hopeless in the face of so much division lately. I am a tour guide and there were anti-Muslim sentiments on the bus this week and I felt stymied on how to respond since I was representing someone else's business. Hopefully after tomorrow I will be better prepared with answers.