Long time watcher, NOT first time buyer.
  1. CitiKitty (train your cat to use the toilet)
    We spent a good deal of one summer trying to make this work because I haaaaaaaaate kitty litter. Our cat would use it right up until the phase when you removed the last "ring" and he just supported himself on the toilet seat. We finally had to let go of the dream. And yes, family and friends mocked us heavily for this and demanded pictures.
  2. Scrub Daddy
    Absolutely worth it! I moved into an apartment with no dishwasher a year ago and I am now on my second Scrub Daddy.
  3. SworkIt
    And just this last week I was convinced to download this workout app. Have I used it? No. Do I plan to? Yes.
  4. Piper Wai natural deodorant
    Made with activated charcoal. I just started this past week. Took forever to ship, but it was worth the wait. My pits have never smelled better.
    Suggested by   @magebloom
  5. Forus shoes
    Sent them 70$ last August and....nothing happened. Nothing continues to happen. ☹️Note that all sharks passed on this one. Maybe I should have too.
    Suggested by   @magebloom