I was diagnosed with migraines 20 years ago at age 25. They have gotten worse in level of pain and more frequent as time went on. Here are the lengths I've gone to in hopes of at least reducing this chronic pain from my life.
  1. Orthodontics
    Thousands of dollars and years of time to move my jaw and correct my bite, all in the hopes that this would alleviate the pressure in my head and help my headaches. Nope!
  2. Retainer worn at night
    This is an extension of the orthodontics but we were also hopeful that it would stop me from grinding my teeth and therefore help with the headaches. I now have holes in the retainer where my teeth have ground through and still have headaches.
  3. Tinctures and vitamins
  4. Acupuncture
  5. Chiropractic treatments
  6. Only wearing natural clothing
    This included cutting out all the tags from my clothes because they were artificial material. The theory was that artificial material impeded the flow of blood to my brain, thus causing the headaches.
  7. Numerous medications
  8. Making sure I wasn't sleeping with my head facing an electrical socket
  9. Acupressure
    Regular massaging of the top of my middle fingers. Since they are the longest finger, they are tied to the highest part of my body - the head.
  10. 2 different medical trials for medications
  11. Gluten Free diet
    This is my newest try. My sister recently sent me an article linking gluten intolerance to migraines. I am currently on day 4 of being gluten free.