I'm off work today but woke up at 5:00! I had nothing planned for the day and besides my nap, have spent the day bouncing between my TiVo, Netflix, watching on-line and one DVD.
  1. Top Chef
    Spoiler alert! Philip's continued drive to stick his head up his own ass continued with serving oysters in the desert on warm rocks. Thank goodness Grayson went home! I've never seen someone so aggressive when given a second chance.
  2. Project Runway Junior
    I was hesitant to even give this show a chance after "Threads" and I'm desperate enough in the middle of my mid-winter TV drought to stick with it. And besides, a little Tim Gunn and Kelly Osbourne is always good for the soul.
  3. Rules of Engagement
    My total guilty pleasure.
  4. Mom
    Allison Janney 'nuff said.
  5. Life In Pieces
    There is always one point in every episode that makes me laugh out loud. This week it was the father trying to (once again) be cool around the son's cute girlfriend.
  6. Scrooged
    My favorite Christmas movie, so beloved it sent me gently to sleep. This was also the DVD entry for the day since they've taken it off Netflix just in time for the holidays.
  7. Tangerine (sort of)
    This has shown up on a few end of the year "best of" lists so I added it to my queue. I started it earlier today but my siblings kept texting me so I couldn't pay attention so I'm going to try it again.
  8. Love Actually
    Started this one mid-nap and woke up in time to enjoy all the happy endings. Hurray!
  9. The rest of the Survivor reunion
    Once I knew who won I let the rest sit until today. There's never enough time for the reunion! Why can't they have it on a different night for two hours?!