Fabulous topic! Thanks for the request Jessica Weber! Full disclosure: I have not been to any of these places so these are all fully fantasies at this time. And in no particular order...
  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina
    I am drawn to the passion of the people in this city. The beauty, the food, the nightlife and shopping would make this a great city to introduce Americans to.
  2. Rome, Italy
    So classic.
  3. Thailand
    This a completely selfish choice in that it's one of the top places I'd like to travel but I'd also like to focus on the cuisine of Thailand and offer a tour that explores that particular aspect, which I also believe lets you have some better insight into their culture.
  4. Anywhere that people are choosing to unplug for the duration of their vacation.
    I would love to facilitate an experience allowing people to detach themselves completely from the outside world. There are places all over the globe that offer this experience but the one in Bhutan, in between Tibet and India sounds the most appealing to me.
  5. Spain
    I've always been drawn to the Spanish culture. Again, I enjoy their passion for life and appetite for food and love.