TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

There's too much on TV these days! And I only watched TV on the weekends growing up.
  1. Perry Mason
    This was a staple
  2. Bonanza
    I'm not sure if there was any reason for watching this. Family interactions?
  3. Rawhide
    And I've learned that a friend liked Eric Fleming much more than Clint Eastwood!
  4. The Defenders
    This was a bit of a stretch, but it came on after Perry Mason
  5. Have Gun Will Travel
    Never heard anyone mention this show since!
  6. Gunsmoke
    We kids were always playing Cowboys and Indians - what were we thinking? And cops and robbers - and exploring in the woods.
  7. Ed Sullivan
    Really! The Beatles! Elvis Presley! Van Cliburn, Henny Youngman, The Rolling Stones, Satchmo, and more.
  8. The Mickey Mouse Club
    I only watched it occasionally because it was on too early and I was usually out playing with my friends. But Annette was my favorite.