Hello! I'm clever, funny, and popular! I'm also ironic and an incorrigible liar!
  1. I don't like strangers. Like I REALLY don't like strangers. I'm like your best friends ugly chihuahua who's seen you all her life and still hates you.
    So I basically have known the same group of 5 people all my life. That's also how I have time for making lists. Yas!
  2. I tend to exaggerate
    This is the greatest list everrr!
  3. I laugh at the wrong moments.
    Oh crap, you weren't kidding about that?
  4. I might be socially awkward.
    No one ever stays long enough to tell me though...
  5. I was delusional about my height being average until I went to college.
    I'm 5'2. And I'm growing to love it...
  6. Staying indoors is my favorite.
    I'm in Miami beach. Indoors. 💕
  7. I don't think I know how to use emojis properly. 💒🎈👿🔥☕️🎆📒
  8. I think I'm just making stuff up now.