1. Twerking
    For myself in the mirror (I occasionally get caught). A kind of sexy truffle shuffle usually accompanies the booty work 😂
  2. Discovery ID
    I'm actually not allowed to watch this
  3. Stacking rocks
    It's as boring as it sounds but peaceful
  4. Urban Fantasy books.
    I just blow through them. It doesn't even matter if they're good. I'm captivated.
  5. Country Music
    Of course I like the old stuff. But I'm referring to the new radio stuff, to which I know every word.
  6. Amazon
    Just everything. I don't know if they do YTD customer reporting but I don't even want to know.
  7. TLC
    I can't fucking help myself!! I do highly dislike Cake Boss.
  8. Tonic Herbs
    Not weed. Concentrations of potent, healing substances with the ability to transform consciousness and health.
  9. Lightly shaking my cat by the nape of her neck
    Honestly she enjoys it
  10. Just endlessly scrolling through before & afters on IG
    And mentally ranking myself as I eat tacos/ pizza/ ice cream