Inspired by @hannazoeo although I have much less time to complete, 2 weeks actually.
  1. Actually finish a Skillshare lesson in its entirety.
  2. Go through all my stupid twenties clothes
    Throw away anything with a yin yang on it.
  3. Wear a bra
    Consistently and properly.
  4. Renew my one year overdue car registration
    To be fair, I've renewed it like three times online but LA is bad at telling you it didn't work until you get one parking ticket and it becomes two (expired tags).
  5. Re-dye my hair
    I have like 1.5 inch roots. That's not THIRTY!
  6. Buy a bra that fits
    But it's so hard 😣
  7. Apologies
    To all those I wronged and victimized in my sociopathic early, mid, and late twenties.
  8. Actually meditate everyday
    Instead of once every 42 days (according to headspace).
  9. Begin a sound yoga practice
    Try to touch toes by 30.
  10. Delete Dominos Pizza iPhone app
    Seriously. This needs to stop.
  11. See 'The Godfather'
    I always fall asleep because it's boring as fuck. Maybe since I'm almost old and boring it'll stick.
  12. Stop shopping at Forever 21
    Seriously. Plus I'm 5'11" so you know that shit is SHORT.
  13. Finish reading
    The Spiral Dance
  14. Oooh a good one stolen from @hannazoeo
    Live with a capsule wardrobe. This should be easy since I'm throwing away all my XXI rags.
  15. Kitchen Witchin'
    Make a pie. Maybe another Apple Pecan to bring to Thanksgiving. I love to cook.
  16. Start reading
    The Good Earth
  17. Finish my two web projects
    So I can enter my thirties in peace!
  18. Stick to my runkeeper schedule
    I'm behind on like 2-3 runs 😩
  19. Launch blog(s)
    Ugh.... I know I need to but I'm just not ready.
  20. At least START
    To build my online portfolio website 🤓
  21. Finish 13 charms & spells
    Enter my 30s with intention
  22. Research under-eye cream
    Do they work? What about the bags under my eyes?! Does hemorrhoid cream really work for eye bags?
  23. Really consider selling my car
    I hate driving. I barely drive anymore anyway and half the time when I have to drive, I just lyft anyway.
  24. Pay off at least one credit card
    Hey, maybe two!
  25. Schedule a consultation for blinds
    Seriously we've had those temporary ikea shades up for like 100 months too long.
  26. Put together a big assembly of everything that needs to get framed
  27. Throw away rings that make my fingers turn green
    That's all of them 😭
  28. Organize all the makeup on my bathroom counter
  29. Detail car
    So I can sell it or at least not be reminded of my years of smoking (fifteen years but I quit over a month ago).
  30. Plan a trip
    I want to go to NOLA, I deserve it ✌🏻️