Dropping truth
  1. Today, Cyrus and I were having dinner at a (empty) fast-casual restaurant when a homeless woman walked in.
  2. She asked for change, which I gave. She seemed a little disgruntled, but no more than any of us would be if over 50 and living on the streets.
  3. The employees began yelling at her after she used the restroom and sat down for a minute to rest her feet.
  4. She engaged in a small screaming match with the young manager who came out onto the floor to remove her. It didn't work. I heard her saying under her breath, "I am not an inconvenience."
  5. When he left the dining area, presumably to call the police, I approached her with my remaining food to ask if she's like something to eat. She smiled and said "yes, please." I told her I loved her nail polish - I did, she had perfectly manicured, glittery, dusty blue nails.
  6. She asked me my name and told me her name was Nancy. She's a 2nd generation Angeleno and Lincoln Heights had always been her home. We chatted for a moment about my being from Portland and the weather, then I bid her farewell.
  7. So often the homeless community is only approached to be shoooed away or reminded of their unwantedness. She was clearly a regular in the area, the staff knew her, but they didn't even realize she was a woman and kept yelling "sir! Sir!"
  8. Having worked only blocks from Skid Row for years, I know it can be scary being alone in a restaurant, not knowing a person's intentions. The thing is, when you talk to someone like they're a PERSON, you'll often find that they ARE.
  9. Stop hobophobia. Be kind. That is someone's mother, daughter, father, or son. They are made of the same thing as you and they deserve a chance to show you their humanity. Be willing to see it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️