Samhain, pronounced SOW-in, is often referred to as the Witches New Year. It marks the end of the Wheel of the Year. Harvest is complete and we are preparing for the dark, cold, introspective months of Winter. At this time the veil is thinnest between the worlds and we honor our ancestors through ritual, food, crafts and divination ✨ Oiche Shamnhna
  1. Light fires often
    This is fun socially during the colder months and will help spirits to find their way. You may leave them an offering if you wish.
  2. Romantic Divination
  3. Invoke a diety
    Morrighan, Hecate, Persephone
  4. Smudge your home with juniper or sage
  5. Meditate on the failing God and Goddess.
    They are at their end, in Crone form. What can they teach you?
  6. Tell stories
    Attend or host a bonfire and honor your ancestors by telling their story or how they touched your life.
  7. Tarot Readings
    This is a nice time to coop up and hone your skills. Give free readings
  8. Do some spell work
    Winter can be a fiercely productive time so long as you don't give in completely to the dark.
  9. Craft!
    Carve pumpkins!