I had to make this. It’s crazy that these issues aren’t more well known. The truth is, gender inequality has implications WAY beyond First World Feminism. As women, we have a lot more progress to make…
  1. Static
  2. It’s easy to get hung up on the (very real) problems facing us in America
    Catcalling, rape culture, the wage gap, and our reproductive rights get most of the attention
  3. The problem is, white feminism is forgetful
    It forgets black women. It forgets the women in the Middle East. It overlooks the fact that in a lot of countries feminism isn’t a thing.
  4. The reality is that our sisters are NOT FREE
  5. Please continue the conversation surrounding intersectionality, feminism, and human/ women's rights. Please do so by looking outside of First World Feminism and advocating for global change
  6. Because Feminism isn't a home game