In no particular order
  1. Being in love
  2. Realizing that I lucked out because traffic was worse in Portland
  3. Living in an artist commune
  4. Smoking 10,000 cigarettes
  5. Being a Boss Bitch at my job
  6. Buying my first car
  7. Telling two of my best friends to move here and having them actually listen
  8. The new and improved Echo Park
  9. MOCA membership
  10. Receiving a puppy as a Christmas present
  11. That Fruit Loop Martini at Lola's (RIP)
  12. Moving out of said Artist Commune
  13. Spending 2/3 of those years working just blocks from Skid Row and getting a really good understanding of the underbelly of the city
  14. Getting a dope house with my man
  15. Putting up murals
  16. Trying 10,000 diets
  17. Getting promoted 3 times
  18. Quitting said job to pursue creative work
  19. Seeing my dude start from very little and watching him build an amazing and impressive portfolio and career
    He amazes me constantly
  20. Quitting smoking (finally)
  21. Throwing a bunch of awesome parties
  22. Making new friends
  23. The two times I went to the beach
    Seriously only twice in three years. It takes four months to get there 😂
  24. Rooftop bars/ pools
  26. Big Bear and day trips
  27. Realizing there's nature in LA if you aren't to busy to look for it
  28. Runyon Canyon
  29. Mexican Food!!
  30. Midnight bike rides
  31. Accidentally getting my mom way too high on a pot brownie
    It aged us both drastically
  32. Dive Bars in Chinatown
    Ron Perlman can be caught singing karaoke
  33. Walking by Dave Foley walking his dog like everyday for two years
    Seriously and he never really acknowledged it
  34. Getting two Certificates of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles
  35. Evolving as a person.
    As an individual and a partner
  36. Industrial night at the Lash
  37. Getting through some of the toughest decisions and years of my life.
    Not unscathed, but whole.
  38. My Saturn Return
    I made it, it's over, I am not afraid.
  39. Fabric District
  40. Realizing some of my Portland friends lived here too
  41. The Mayan
  42. Lots of trips to San Diego to see some cool people 😘
  43. Dog parks
    Everyone has a dog, so they're plentiful
  44. Silverlake Reservoir
    For a slow walk or a run
  45. The overwhelming energy
    Being in a city where people come to succeed
  46. I've still never been to Beverly Hills
  47. Crystal shops
  48. Seeing so many amazing shows
  49. The sweet moment when I realized that I had built my life and I wouldn't change a thing ❤️