Yule is magick. The winter solstice- longest night of the year- is a time of renewal. The long dark days will soon give in to the light, to the rebirth of the sun. Apples and oranges adorn ornate wreaths, Yule logs, and altars. The fruits represent the sun and the wreaths the eternal and undying spirit. Here are some lovely ways to celebrate.
  1. Make some apple cider or wassail from scratch:
    Guests love something sweet to warm their bellies! Wassail- a warmed fruit juice with brown sugar and spices- is traditionally offered to encourage fruit trees to grow and yield during the coming spring. It's the perfect thing to keep in your slow cooker to offer anyone gracing your doorstep.
  2. Mistletoe:
    An ancient tradition meant to bring fertility and the seed of the divine. Who doesn't want a holiday smooch? Plus, it greatly embarrasses teenagers!
  3. Yule log: My favorite tradition! Use a log of pine, oak, or ash (traditional) to create a candle holder:
    (When possible this log should be gifted or acquired). Drill three holes in the log for tapered candles- the colors will vary depending on your intent- then you'll decorate the Yule log with traditional colors and filigree. I enjoy using holly, pine, and mead soaked moss on it as a symbol of life surviving the winter. You could also dress it in a scented oil or dust it with flour or incense. The log is lit with a piece of last years Yule Log and burned in a fire representing the newborn Sun.
  4. Set up an altar:
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    This can have candles (red, green white, or red white gold), greenery to represent the everlasting cycle of life and spring to come, ale, statues, photographs, notes of things you'd like to cast into the darkness, etc...
  5. Wassailing:
    General making of merriment, regardless of tradition this is a practice most of us partake in during the holiday season of Yule. Simply put its loud, boisterous celebration, often involving wine.
  6. Spell work: solitary or group
    It's a fantastic opportunity for group rituals since we're around a lot of friends and family, but this doesn't mean you can't hold a ritual as a solitary. I've done it and it's was fun and rewarding just the same. If it's your first time or you'd simply prefer the company find a local grove or coven that does rituals that are open to the public.
  7. Remember to hibernate
    The wheel of the year follows an agrarian cycle and the idea is to fall into cycle with the earths rhythm of change. We have the ability to cultivate crops as we choose and we aren't so dependent on saving energy and warmth during the winter months but don't let this stop you from slowing down. Snuggle up with your cat, dog, or human and embrace this season of celebration and feast. We have all year long to move fast and reap what we've sown. Be still ✨