1. 😍
    It's the emotion I feel most often. I guess I'm lucky.
  2. 🍆
    Cuz Eggplant Friday
  3. 🎈🐀
    This combination is just kind of poetic to me so I use it when I'm feeling obtuse or not really wanting to give a proper reaction
  4. 😝
    Cuz I say off color shit a lot
  5. 👽
    I use this to demonstrate that I like the persons weirdness, but I don't think anyone gets it
  6. 😂
    I know a lot of really funny people
  7. Magick
  8. 😞
    Those funny people are easily distracted and I'm disappointed often
  9. 😳
    I get embarrassed easily
  10. ✌🏻️
    When I say Bye. But like, "gurl bye."
  11. 💩
    When I've done something mean it annoying that pleases me and me alone
  12. 🌚
    I use guilty moon when shaming others