Christmas brings memories. Some are our own and some are borrowed. Here are a few....
  1. Dad as devil 1953
  2. Confused baby me
  3. Mustache Grandpa
  4. Are you naughty or nice?
  5. Hottie Mom!
  6. Crossdressing Dad
  7. Mom's 25th Birthday
  8. Pepsi Cola freaks
  9. Hipster Dad
  10. Angel self
  11. Magic Dad
  12. Preschool self
  13. Aunt Coleen
  14. Bad glasses self
  15. Wedding parents
  16. Today onesie me
  17. This photo my mom took that's oddly iconic
  18. Crazy uncles + one spaced out dad
  19. Mullet uncle
  20. That, "oh shit, Dad's a ginger!" moment.
  21. Gunslinger Wild West Dad
  22. 3rd birthday cake Dad
  23. Lego stripped pole self
  24. Tree stripper pole self
  25. Grandpa and Auntie Edmund on her 100th (I was there)!
  26. Best friend doing dishes in first apartment
  27. Grandma and four of her five gremlins
  28. Soldier Dad
  29. My Dad, Dave, and his late father, Dave.