Christmas brings memories. Some are our own and some are borrowed. Here are a few....
  1. Dad as devil 1953
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  2. Confused baby me
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  3. Mustache Grandpa
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  4. Are you naughty or nice?
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  5. Hottie Mom!
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  6. Crossdressing Dad
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  7. Mom's 25th Birthday
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  8. Pepsi Cola freaks
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  9. Hipster Dad
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  10. Angel self
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  11. Magic Dad
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  12. Preschool self
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  13. Aunt Coleen
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  14. Bad glasses self
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  15. Wedding parents
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  16. Today onesie me
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  17. This photo my mom took that's oddly iconic
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  18. Crazy uncles + one spaced out dad
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  19. Mullet uncle
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  20. That, "oh shit, Dad's a ginger!" moment.
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  21. Gunslinger Wild West Dad
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  22. 3rd birthday cake Dad
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  23. Lego stripped pole self
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  24. Tree stripper pole self
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  25. Grandpa and Auntie Edmund on her 100th (I was there)!
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  26. Best friend doing dishes in first apartment
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  27. Grandma and four of her five gremlins
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  28. Soldier Dad
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  29. My Dad, Dave, and his late father, Dave.
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