This is my last wedding list, promise!
  1. When your dog tries to eat a bee
    And gets stung on her face the night before the wedding and scares you sooo BAD
  2. The drive up the mountain
  3. Rehearsal
  4. My beautiful mom helping with floral assembly
  5. Grandpa and I the night before the big day
    He just celebrated his 90th
  6. All the pizza for the night before
  7. Bridesmaid tries to do her own hair and fails miserably
  8. My bestie and I just SLAYING before the ceremony
  9. When you have a guy best friend and sometimes that's weird
  10. Magical wind
  11. My daddy giving me away and basically tethering me to the patriarchy 4eva
  12. Our beautiful sofreh
  13. I must think I'm Princess Diana or some shit 🙋🏻
  14. Our first kiss
  15. Me involuntarily jumping for joy as we're pronounced husband and wife
  16. Auntie Ladan and Nina sneaking a photo with us
  17. My favorite photo of our grand entrance
  18. Sexy outdoor reception
  19. My hugging the mannequin of my soul sister who couldn't come
    She was giving birth
  20. When you're a bride that's turnt up
  21. Starlight: You can't take the sky from me
    He proposed on the set of Firefly and played me the Ballad of Serenity.
  22. We did it!
  23. Now we're going to Bali byeeeeee