1. Devotion takes time
    Americans could just never hang with ritual offerings or anything that delayed their 3:15 Confrence call
  2. It takes a village
    The communities are united in a way I've never experienced
  3. Sometime you have to face your own mortality to appreciate life
    See cremation procession/ parade
  4. Monkeys are pompous dicks
    I mean, just look at him
  5. We are all very lucky
    To have a choice in almost everything we do
  6. Geckos can tell you the time of day with their chirps
    It's bizarre but kinda works
  7. Most people in Indonesia will never be able to leave
    They dream of coming to the US
  8. Hindu is a faith of vibrant celebration and beauty
  9. Everyone has a villain
  10. I have a better understanding of what's oppressive in religion vs. what's respectful and why