1. A swarm of butterflies
    Butterflies are sort of a theme of transformation in my life. They sort of follow me around. I notice them often. Once a reiki healer saw butterfly totems swarming around me. I'm always transitioning and transforming so this makes sense. Probably great for swarming and disorienting foes.
  2. A zebra
    When I meditate sometimes a zebra shows up. Maybe I'm only seeing things in black and white? Having a very ridged view of the world? Oh I don't know. This seems less good then butterflies. But I'm a real upfront, tough love kinda witch, so it's suitable if not desirable.
  3. A wolf
    Is what I WISH my spirit animal was. They're territorial and ruthless, traits I want for myself and my hypothetical patronus.
  4. Also a jungle cat
    Cuz duh =^.^= Lure in with purrin' and strike!