My partner @kingcyrusking and I are trying to cut tv out of our life. Halp!! Add to this list!
  1. Take a walk together
    LA is big. Lots of ground to cover. ListApp walking group????
  2. Start a new hobby
    Like knitting, painting, gardening, woodwork, you know?
  3. Attend a public ritual
    For all my solitaries out there
  4. Play with the pets
    They deserve it
  5. Start a business with the new hobby/ skill you have
    Macramé coffee mug coozy anyone?
  6. Take a class
    Salsa?! 💃
  7. Write a blog or journal
    Stream of consciousness writing is great for release!
  8. Meditate
    You can do it anywhere!
  9. Have a yoga practice??????
    I really try..... But I've done a max 5 hours of yoga in my life.
  10. Read a book
    I have approximately 76 unread books on my kindle. That almost $500
  11. Study for an exam or certification you've been putting off
    For me that's Personal Training and Holistic Nutrition.
  12. Adopt a new puppy
  13. Join a meetup
    Los Angeles listers?
  14. Try a new restaurant?
    I'm on a wedding diet so this is impossible for me!
  15. Volunteer
    For people, for pets, for the earth, whatever. I think people hesitate to do this because they think it involves *major* commitment. But a lot of orgs just need bodies who can help, however little that help might seem. Make it your passion project and it will be more likely to fluidly integrate into a weekly/monthly routine. 😊
    Suggested by   @ashsevans
  16. hang out with friends!
    make plans for dinner together
    Suggested by   @kingcyrusking
  17. go to the movies
    to experience a screen thing, but includes movement to/from the house and a buffer between screen and bed
    Suggested by   @kingcyrusking
  18. listen to audiobooks and podcasts together like old timey days
    so much more imagination in use when you share this activity. very calming, good for your sleep habits, etc.
    Suggested by   @boygirlparty
  19. work out for 5 hours straight
    cuz wedding is coming
    Suggested by   @kingcyrusking
  20. make dinner like you mean it
    Suggested by   @boygirlparty
  21. Listen to an audiobook together
    Suggested by   @bookishclaire
  22. Play games
    Scrabble, rummy, Yahtzee...whatever floats your boat!
    Suggested by   @DG
  23. garden! 🌱🌿🌲
    Suggested by   @boygirlparty
  24. write a letter, send a care package ✉️💌📦
    Suggested by   @boygirlparty
  25. write a song together! 📯
    Suggested by   @boygirlparty
  26. home improvement!
    paint, install shelves, curtains, repairs! learn to fix something broken you've overlooked via YouTube!
    Suggested by   @boygirlparty
  27. Sex ☺️😉
    Suggested by   @jannychan
  28. Learn a language
    The world is smaller when you are fluent in another language!
    Suggested by   @eatthelove
  29. Start a blog
    What's your passion? Start writing about it! Food! Photography! Knitting! Travel! Start blogging about it!
    Suggested by   @eatthelove
  30. Do quizzes together - try for super fun quizzes in lots of categories.
    Suggested by   @bethklustter
  31. Watch TV
    Suggested by   @erikaaa