Even in High School I was basically only allowed to watch Daria, Saved By The Bell, Fresh Prince, Home Improvement, C.H.I.P.s, and whatever the TGIF line up was (Step by Step, Full House, Family Matter, Perfect Strangers, Dinosaurs, Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch). This fact explains more about me than I'd like to admit..
  1. Two Stupid Dogs
    Maybe they thought it'd make me stupid?
  2. Ren and Stimpy
    Possibly they thought this was Two Stupid Dogs.
  3. Married With Children
    Peggy Bundy was a little two much woman. To my mothers humiliation I probably have more in common with Peggy than any character (other than Daria). I'm actually the perfect balance of the two 🖕💅🏻
  4. the Simpsons
    Crude and my mom didn't enjoy Homer's body.
  5. Beverly Hills 90210
    I don't know why I wasn't allowed to watch it because I've never seen it and I don't know what it's about.
  6. Pete and Pete
    Older Pete had a girlfriend. Inappropriate (I must have been like 14 when this came out and wasn't allowed to watch it).
  7. 7th Heaven
    Mixed messages. My dad is a hardcore atheist so maybe that's why? But Mary had a boyfriend so that was pretty edgy...
  8. Mtv
    Like no fucking waaaay. My mom is still very put off my Pauly Shore. Oddly enough I don't think they noticed Daria was on Mtv.
  9. Melrose Place
    I've never seen it because I wasn't allowed to watch it.
  10. Party of Five
    No clue.
  11. Dawson's Creek
    Oh I snuck it. But I was forbidden.
  12. Twin Peaks
    To be fair though I was only like six when it was actually current.
  13. Buffy
    Definitely not allowed until 1999-2000.