Movies That I Stop and Watch Regardless of How Far in They Are or How Many Times I've Seen It...

AKA the OCD movie list...
  1. Blow
    Who doesn't want to be a drug runner in the 1980s? If you weren't murdered by an over zealous Colombian Narco, and were arrested back then, you'd be out on parole by now and running a website on drug culture.
  2. Blade Runner
    The Matrix for 35-40 year olds... "I was quit when I came here."
  3. Cocaine Cowboys
    See "Blow"
  4. True Romance
    Call girls, Val Kilmer as Elvis, Dennis Hopper diatribe to Christopher Walken how Sicilian's were part black, Sonny Chiba, etc... Some of Quentin's best work.
  5. Any Fast and the Furious
    Cars, cars, limited plot twist, cars, and cars...
  6. Jack Reacher
    Tom Cruise as a 200 lbs. ex MP solving a framed sniper... What's not to like?
  7. Heat (or any Michael Mann "LA" movie)
    No one shows LA like Michael Mann... And one of the best shoot outs in movie history, so good, it was re-acted in real life.
  8. Collateral
    See "Heat"
  9. High Fidelity
    Because I identify with John Cusack's character in so many ways it's retarded... I've made questionable relationship decisions, criticized things way to hard and not lifted a figure to change it, obsessed over trivial things such as music, been elitist and snobby about said obsession, tried to find closure with ex's that I've hurt but was to self absorbed to realize, and yes, I've worn a Crosby sweater...
  10. John Wick
    Who doesn't like Neo shooting up more bad guys in a parallel world... Wait, wrong movie...
  11. Eye Wide Shut
    I have no idea why... Last Stanley Kubrick movie maybe?!?