I have seen this a lot lately and I really like it. Just please do not get annoyed with me, it involves my boyfriend and whole lot. :)
  1. January
    The Second Workshop of my Job. It was one of the best weeks of my life. I sang my heart out, I had nice roommates and I got to know my boyfriend.
  2. February
    Knowing it would be my last month in that sucky job and visiting my boyfriend at work. He invited me to visit him in his job and by then I knew he liked me back.
  3. March
    When I finally got together with my boyfriend. On the 1st of March, what a memorable date.
  4. April
    Travelling through Europe by myself, I especially enjoyed Vienna.
  5. May
    Visiting Berlin with my Mother, staying in my sisters flat and visiting my boyfriend for the first time afterwards. He picked me up from the Bus Station with a sign like in all these movies.
  6. June
    The Coldplay concerts my boyfriend and I visited, we were together for 3 month then and shared a special kiss.
  7. July
    Visiting my Old Workshop Group and singing "I kissed a girl".
  8. August
    Visiting Berlin with my boyfriend and showing him my Berlin, I was so scared he would not like it, but he did.
  9. September
    The insanely funny ways my boyfriend sleeps.
  10. October
    My birthday: beautiful presents, beautiful people, beautiful day
  11. November
    A concert of the Band which brought us really close on the Second Workshop. I sang a song of that band and he realised he likes me.
  12. December
    A beautiful month untill now but I still wanna wait and see :)