currently German music is on the rise and for the first time in decades it's justified. As it's that much Music by now, I'll divide it into the different genres and start out with HipHop.
  1. Gerard
    An Austrian Rapper, I love his lyrics and languages. He covers a wide range of topics. I especially love his attitude, which tells you, you can easily change the world, viewing it from a different, more positive perspective. Best start out with "Gelb", "Alles Jetzt" and "Gold"
  2. Marteria
    Incredibly great beats and lyrics, he just knows how to write a song. Marteria celebrates Life, Love, but sometimes also criticizes our society and says things you don't want to hear. You best start out with "Lila Wolken", "Kids", "Verstrahlt" and "Feuer"
  3. Prinz Pi
    Prinz Pi transitioned from Gangster Rapper with big balls to the Voice of a Generation. By now he covers topic that move our generation like love, loss, growing up and the society only we can change. The beats are handmade and the music is mostly from a band which is quite untypical for HipHop. You best start out with "Weiße Tapete", "Fähnchen im Wind" and "Laura"
  4. Chefket
    What I love about Chefket is that he can be quite serious but at the same time funny and relaxed. He is young and he knows, he raps about growing up, sleeping with beautiful women and dancing but also about our gun exports and our multicultural society, because his parents were Turkish immigrants. You best start out with "Identitäter" and "Fliegen".
  5. Chakuza
    Chakuza let's you inside him when you listen to his music. His insides are often dark, but he proves you can survive almost anything and you're not alone even with sometimes very dark thoughts. He also often covers the topic of disappointed love. You best start out with "Licht aus", "Übers Meer" and "Glas und Beton".
  6. Sido
    One of the big German rappers, which made HipHop hit mainstream. He also Transitioned from Gangster to Mainstream. Sido is quite honest about where he comes from and that it sucks, he also often thanks people for getting out of there, he also often covers the topic of freedom. You best start out with "Fühl dich frei", "Einer dieser Steine", "Augen auf" and so much more
  7. Alligatoah
    Fun, criticising our society that's the best way to describe Alligatoahs music. In a completely ironic way he talks about consumption, beauty and our generation, which can't help but get lost in the search for ourselves. You best start out with "Trostpreis", "Du bist schön" and "Willst du".
  8. Casper
    One of the first German rappers I listened to. His music is just amazing, Casper talks about loss, love and not fitting in. Especially the songs about not fitting in appeal to me because I never fit in myself. You best start out with "So perfekt", "Im Ascheregen", "XOXO", "Michael X"and "Unzerbrechlich".
  9. There of course is so much more, but I find it really hard to put Music to words and it's a good start, although you probably gotta know some German to fully enjoy it, but I promise some songs are also just amazing for the voices and beats.