I just listened to two girls at university complaining how sitting in the first row makes you seem like a geek. And that are not all similarities by far.
  1. Nobody wants to sit in the first row
    People still worry it makes them seem like a geek
  2. Nobody wants to Talk Holding a presentation
    It is still like: I wrote so you have to present
  3. Certain stereotypical Types of people are still there
    The Clown, The intelligent Yet popular people, the geeks, the shy ones, the weird ones
  4. People never shut up during class
    They Talk and talk and you Start writing what they say because you can not concentrate instead of what the teacher says
  5. People still learn last Minute
    They Ask you all the stuff you did for six months, still certain people Start a Week before
  6. Girls go to the toilet in groups if they can
    Well women probably always do that, so... :D