I wenn away from home to study a Month ago and University started 2 Weeks ago. However I still have not made friends. I feel terribly alone by now. So here are some of my struggles.
  1. Nobody Shares my interests.
    When they think of Mcfly they think of a British Band, I think of back to the future
  2. I am not overly into people
    People are just to much on me.
  3. I really suck at Smalltalk
    I rather listen than talk
  4. I Do not enjoy alcohol or the Most other things university Students enjoy
  5. I think By now I might Seem arrogant
    Just because this whole stuff exceeds my abilities By a long shot.
  6. I feel like I am intruding By now because they all have small groups of friends by now.
  7. I am not here on Most of the weekends because of a long-distance relationship
    I am extremely scared that I will end up only having my boyfriend close to me. What happens if we break up. Will I conpletely be alone?
  8. I would totally be thankful of every Single piece of advice on These matters