@mayla thanks for requesting this.
  1. Well at First I think I inherited loving music from my dad
    He always loved music and shared it with me
  2. I enjoy singing since I am a little girl
    I always knew that my voice was beautiful, but I used to be really shy
  3. So when noone was watching I sung my heart out
    I can perform and feel the music once I am alone or with a few special people. But when I get up on stage I lose all that and turn to a devastated little chicken...
  4. I started buying CDs from an early age
    My first CD was from some casting Band with really deep lyrics like Dubi Dam Dam
  5. By now I own about 300 CDs and a few vinyls
    The Style varies. I own everything from HipHop to anime Soundtracks
  6. In 2012 I performed on stage for the first time at a Talent evening of our school.
    My friends hat begged me for years so I finally did it. I ended up just standing there singing, but still everybody was surprised what I could Do because I was quiet and shy.
  7. In General Music always understood me, It Made me feel better, it Made me lose myself, it Made me think or not just when I needed it. It is the only thing thing I will always love which will never leave me.
  8. In 2013 I performed at the same event
    This time I was all dressed up and had a choreography. But I had to start off and someone was better than me. So I lost track for a while because it Made me lose confidence
  9. By the way I Took singing lessons from 7th to 12th Grade
  10. In 2014 I starred in our school Musical as one of the lead characters
    The Musical was horrible. But I danced on my own for the first time and got recognised
  11. I chose to have 4 hours of Music each Week in school, which makes it a Main subject in Germany
    Our teacher was genius and I learned to love classical music thanks to him. He also once invited us over to dinner to his house.
  12. I did my A-Levels in Music
    I sang not very sucessfully because my throat was sore but I passed anyway.
  13. I write my own lyrics
    Mostly about questions I Ask myself, things that bother me and love.
  14. The 2nd Workshop of my Internship at a cultural Center
    We formed a band in one Week and Player Hit the road Jack, Uptown Funk and an Original. Everybody was surprised again because nobody remembered me. And I have never met so many cool people in one place, one of the became my boyfriend.
  15. I love records
    I just feel like they give music back its value again, because you have to treat them so carefully
  16. I always Start to sing when uncomfortable sometimes without noticing
  17. I understand music in a technical way By know
  18. My boyfriend an I try to write a Song at the Moment and often Cover Songs for fun.
  19. I guess that is it, we arrived at the present. Sorry for the Chaos and the long Post and thanks for reading. :)