Just yesterday I left my hometown to continue my university studies. As I do not really have friends here and live in a place I do not really feel at home, I started thinking about what home means. Here are my thoughts.
  1. Home is where the people you love are
    That would be Berlin, Freiburg and Friedrichshafen
  2. Home is the laughter of someone you love
  3. Home is where you feel like it is
  4. Home is your Favorite Songs and the memories connected to them
  5. Home are your memories, Yet you should not just live there
  6. Home is a good book to get lost in
  7. Home is where someone Cares about you
  8. Home is Definition your bed
  9. Home is getting lost in the moment
  10. Home is knowing someone or someplace by heart
  11. Home is Sarcasm, Humor and being cynical
  12. Home is where you can decide for yourself