Berlin is the last stop of my Europe Trip and I will move here in autumn, so here's a list of things I discovered and eventually learned to love...
  1. You let people be who they are and they do the same in return
  2. The people are friendly
  3. There's endless possibilities
  4. The so called "Spätkaufs" (small shops in which you can buy basic food and drink supplies all day)
  5. It's ahead of us
  6. The street I will live in
  7. The sound of the city waking up, it sounds like a sort of humming, when all the cars head off to work
  8. Public Transportation
  9. That there is all kinds of food
  10. That you can eat the food, because you live right under the roof and the house doesn't have an elevator, so you have to walk and never gain weight
  11. The smell of summer
  12. Waking up at sunrise because of the first flight from Tegel Airport
  13. You can always go celebrate or attend a concert
  14. Vitacola, which is only available in the former Eastern parts of Berlin
  15. There is no time here, it just goes by and you wonder where it went. In the best possible way.