So here comes the opposite to yesterdays list
  1. I love my voice
    I love to sing and even write my own lyrics from time to time
  2. I love my style
    I still look younger than I am, but I always feel well in my clothing and reflect that to the outside world
  3. I love my eyes
    On the outside they have a dark blue ring, then they turn sort of a grey or blue color and around the pupil they are green
  4. I love that I am worthy of being loved
    I have great friends who always stayed at my side no matter what I did or how I behaved. And I am especially proud of having found my soulmate, I know we are young, but I feel like what we have is rare
  5. I love my baking
    Usually there always goes something wrong, but it just still tastes amazing
  6. I love how good my English is
    Since I am fourteen years old I watch TV in English and I read in English
  7. I love that when I look back I have come a long way
    I used to be shy and totally not myself. Now I often smile and dress as I want
  8. I love that I still learn even after school and not yet studying
    No matter if it is the Japanese language or from the people I love
  9. I love that you cannot put me into a box
    I enjoy videogames but at the same time girly books
  10. So you see I am not an entirely bad person
  11. Thanks for Suggesting the list @mayla you are one of the friends mentioned above
  12. I will look at this list when I feel miserable about myself the next time