I just walked to university and thought about the fact that I love my fingers tingling from the cold so I thought why not make a whole list
  1. I love my fingers tingling and getting numb from the cold
  2. I love my cheeks getting red because of the cold
  3. I love christmas
    It is the Religion of my mother and me. We posses the craziest christmas Ornaments. Like a NY Taxi or a rubber duck.
  4. I love that you can get slightly fat without anyone noticing because of winter clothing
    Cookies here I come!!!!
  5. I love the fact that maybe there will be enough snow to build an Olaf from Frozen this year
    @mayla I asssume we have a date once that happens
  6. I love snow and most of the stuff you can do with it
    I love throwing snowballs for example.
  7. I love the quiet and cleanness of snow
  8. I love that it is finally even accepted of society to Drink Tea and read books and never go out like an Old lady
  9. I love the fireplace at my boyfriends house
    It's so cool and Romantic
  10. I love that everyone is home on the holidays and I can see all my friends from School again
    We used to meet up to watch GoT or play boardgames and now It's possible again
  11. I love how the cold makes me think clearly
  12. I love watching the Same movies every winter
    Love Actually... Bridget Jones Fairytales and Disneys Beauty and the Beast
  13. I love my moms christmas in Vienna CDs
  14. I love wearing my merchandise sweaters
    I own a really warm and beautiful Linkin Park Sweater
  15. I love spending christmas the same way as always
    I decorate the christmas tree. Dad choses what we watch. We eat roasted potatoes and grilled pork. Then it is time for christmas.
  16. I love pretending to be a dragon the Moment I can first See my breath