Well today I thought why not share my boring, but pretty realistic life
  1. I live in a beautiful place
    I am riding a train over the river Main in my hometown Würzburg. And the light and the water and all the buildings are so beautiful. And I know I decided right moving here.
  2. I never have the right music on my phone
    2000 Songs and there still the right one never seems to turn up.
  3. I do not wanna go to university
    When I am there I do not really enjoy it, but thinking about it when I am not makes me realize I actually like it.
  4. I ate too little breakfast
    Usually I leave the house like 30 minutes after breakfast and I am absolutely ashamed because I eat way too much for what I think girls should.
  5. What do I have to Do and when can I actually do it
    I Plan my whole Week out like this. Including what I eat and how I spend my evenings.
  6. Who can I Talk to and who do I want to Talk to
    There is just a bunch of people I like, because it is just girls and I would not deschribe myself as the typical girl.
  7. When can I write or Talk with my boyfriend and what about
    Sometimes I even write with him while on the train.
  8. Did I leave everything clean and did I plug every Electronic Device out
    Things I do since I moved out because electrical Power is money. And I really do not wanna get in trouble with my roommate.