So to me and my Mum Christmas is the best holiday and we are a little obsessed. So with this list I will let you know how obsessed we are.
  1. A Chuck Taylor
    I used to have a blue pair of Chucks in which I did everything. My first time on stage singing was in them, my first vacation without my parents and lots and lots of concerts
  2. Pickles
    Some ancient culture actually decorated their trees with cucumbers we really liked that and laughed our asses of. So we bought them.
  3. A NY Islanders Player
    My das is a huge Fan and he had such a cute face so we bought him
  4. A Golden Retriever
    My Mum is really into dogs however she would not manage to care for one so we thought she should at least have one once a year.
  5. A rubber duck
    I used to collect rubber ducks so I wanted this really badly
  6. Santa's Wife as a Pin-Up girl
    She is so sexy although she is curvy I like her really much because she is not a Clichee.
  7. A suitcase
    It looks like the Old suitcases where you put a sticker on with each Destination the suitcase has been to already.
  8. A Car of the firefighters
    Mum and Dad bought that before me, absolutely no clue why.
  9. A NY Cab
    It is on my bucket list to go to NY one day, I love big cities. And this dream and wish should be represented on our Christmas tree. Because that is what christmas is about.
  10. A sunflower
    Does not really fit Winter but looks so incredibly beautiful
  11. A Cappuccino Cup
    Cappuccino is my moms Standard Drink at the Coffee shop, so we once bought her a Cup she will have forever
  12. A Hedgehog
    In Summer of 2015 we had Hedgehog babies in our Garden and they were so cute we bought this Ornament to never forget our little babies, which we fed and looked out for
  13. A Frog in a Bikini
    I just liked it, the Shop reduced it, the Rest ist history
  14. Lindt chocolate ice
    It is a tradition at my boyfriends home to Hang them on the tree so he gave them to me as a gift
  15. Gardening equipment
    My mom Loves her Garden and everybody else loves it too
  16. Ice-cream cones
    We gave one of them to our favourite waitress at the Café, who really has a gift for great and strange flavors and kept the rest
  17. A snow owl
    Like Hedwig from Harry Potter what more to say