1. Ask an Agent
    Days: 3 Tuesdays Time: 6:30 PM-8:30 PM Dates: 10/27–11/10 Location: Bethesda Level: All Levels Genre(s): Mixed Genre Workshop Leader: Zahara Heckscher Everything you want to know about agents -- with a different agent in all three sessions to answer your questions: When do you need an agent? How do you find an agent? What do agents love (and hate) in queries and manuscripts? How does the financial arrangement work with an agent? Optional: feedback on a query letter or 1st page of a manuscript.
  2. Writing for Young Children
    Days: 3 Thursdays Time: 7:00 PM-9:30 PM Dates: 10/29–11/12 Location: Bethesda Level: All Levels Genre(s): Adults Writing for Children Workshop Leader: Mary Quattlebaum Each session will begin with a short discussion of some aspect of writing for children, including story openings and arcs, characterization, plot/pacing, rhythm/sound, and marketing. The workshop will focus largely on picture books but may touch on early readers & poetry as well. Suggested readings, prompts, & feedback provided.
  3. Intermediate Novel (online)
    Days: 8 Weeks Dates: 10/30–12/18 Location: Online Level: Intermediate/Advanced Genre(s): Fiction Workshop Leader: T. Greenwood In this workshop, participants will expand upon what they have learned in Intro to the Novel about the key components of novel writing. The focus of this workshop will be on character development, scene building, narrative structure and the process of writing a first draft. Participants will be encouraged to submit a chapter of their work for peer review.
  4. Creating Conflict and Tension
    Days: 1 Saturday Time: 10:00 AM-12:30 PM Dates: 10/31 Location: Bethesda Level: All Levels Genre(s): Fiction Workshop Leader: Kathryn Johnson It's often said that without conflict there is no story. It also holds true that strengthening the conflict in any type of fiction will bump up the tension and turn a limp, ordinary tale into an extraordinary adventure that will keep readers turning pages until The End.
  5. Anatomy of Academy Award Winning Script
    Days: 7 Saturday Time: 10:00 AM-1:00 PM Dates: 10/31–12/19 Location: Bethesda Level: All Levels Genre(s): Stage and Screen Workshop Leader: John Weiskopf Participants will watch scenes from six films that won the Academy Award for Best Original or Best Adapted Screen play (American Beauty, Thelma and Louise, All The President's Men, etc). Participants will discuss the films based upon structural dynamics of the screenplays and the choices the screenwriter and director made.