Surprisingly random photos

I don't take a lot of photos unless I'm somewhere interesting, and then I take way too many...
  1. Paris - The Catacombs
    Toured the Catacombs when a friend was visiting back when I lived in Paris. Very cool!
  2. Mendocino Headlands, California
    Went on a weekend trip recently and enjoyed the gorgeous coastal views.
  3. San Francisco - Coqueta
    One of my favorite local spots for their killer Spanish gin & tonic menu.
  4. Giverny, France - Monet's Garden
    Visited Claude Monet's house and amazing garden.
  5. Mykonos, Greece
    Just chilling on the beach in beautiful Mykonos.
  6. Kyoto, Japan
    Koi pond at one of the many beautiful temples.
  7. Pilanesberg Park, South Africa
    Spent a day cruising around a park staring at the gorgeous wildlife.
  8. Acropolis, Athens
    One of the most awe inspiring sites still standing on the planet.
  9. Big Island, Hawaii
    A final sunset seems like a good way to end this list!