I failed a lot at Halloween before I finally got it right this year.
  1. Halloween 2001, Avril Lavigne. Wife beater tank top, big thick bracelets from Ricky's, flat ironed my brown hair. Did not get a wig. No one knew what I was.
  2. Halloween 2004. "Kelly Kapowski working at the Max". Wore a red shirt tied in a knot and a skirt and my hair sort of half up. No one knew what I was.
  3. Halloween 2005. Found a cool apron at a thrift store but wanted to go as something "sexy" for once. Paired it with a short skirt, revealing top and fishnets and called myself Little Susie Homewrecker. No one knew what I was.
  4. Halloween 2007. Had the "brilliant" idea to combine an infant's lobster costume with my guitar hero guitar and go as Rock Lobster. Guitar proved to be too cumbersome for Halloween parade so just wore lobster costume pinned to red dress. No one knew what I was.
  5. Halloween 2010. Went as Daria. Girl showed up to my party also dressed as Daria, but was a much better Daria. So I heard about that all night and wished no one knew what I was.
  6. Halloween 2011. Spent hours turning myself into a Maneki Neko. Looked exactly like one. Went to a Halloween party where no one knew what a Maneki Neko was--even after I showed them a google image of one. People thought I was just a cat.
  7. Halloween 2012. Getting a little better now. Attached a Mylar balloon of a space shuttle to my back and went as the endeavor circling Los angles. People knew what I was --- after I explained it.
  8. Halloween 2015. Finally got it right. Went as the 405. People knew what I was immediately and someone even asked to take a picture of my costume. One guy told me I was the scariest costume at the party.