1. I went to bed last night with wet hair
    Expectation: Terrible looking hair upon rising Reality: Curly haired goddess hair. Good start!
  2. Non-boyfriend boyfriend type person day drank & likely turned it into night partying
    Expectation: 7 am wake up call from still drunk NBFBFTP asking for a ride back to his car Reality: Haven't heard from him in 2+ days. Terrific.
  3. Taking self out for breakfast
    Expectation: A late start to the morning means I'll have to sit at the counter with the old guys Reality: Definitely at the counter, but with another couple gals. Twist!
  4. Ordering
    Expectation: I'll branch out and get something other than the spinach & feta scramble Reality: "Can I please have the spinach & feta scramble?"
  5. Showering
    Expectation: Of course. Gotta shave those legs after all. Reality: Eh. Let's face reality, it's up for debate whether it's all actually necessary today.