Sometimes we make notes on our phones, forget about them, the find them again and have no clue what they mean or what the context was. These are some of mine.
  1. These meaningless numbers.
    81fe6f4b 59de 4331 8eae a8413658def6
  2. This course registration number of a class I took in undergrad.
    B954d7fc bbcb 4409 8935 fd51aadfd24d
  3. This epiphany
    1a2dcd7b df53 4891 a2c8 f06350d4e4f8
  4. This list of books for an anthropology class I took in college.
    208e089c 5e80 45bc b4f1 4df02a9a5a9c
  5. This unknown set of numbers and one letter.
    7f83e111 6102 4e83 9af0 65852a284172